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Integrated Molecular Testing

TruCore signs-out more than 10,000 cytology cases annually. Our ability to pre-conditionally order molecular testing according to physician preference allows us to split your sample at time of arrival to expedite your turnaround time. Our unique digital cytology workflow allows for ease in consulting colleagues for the best diagnostic results and continuous access to cases. This digital workflow results in better patient care and peace of mind for your patients.

Expert Diagnostic Analysis

Collaborative Lab and Pathology

Integrated Molecular Testing

URO17© Bladder Biomarker

Expert Diagnostic Analysis


TruCore’s highly specialized pathologists bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each patient’s case. Their commitment to accurate pathology analyses and efficient turnaround times is paramount.

Integrated Molecular Testing


Avoid unnecessary delays by conditionally ordering tests at the time of specimen collection. TruCore offers conditional test ordering based on each physician’s pre-defined criteria. By pre-ordering molecular testing, you can help reduce overall turnaround time when completing additional testing.

Collaborative Lab and Pathology


TruCore is not a black box where specimens go in and pathology reports come out. Our pathologists work with clinicians to bring clarity to patients’ cancer journeys through personalized and precision medicine.

URO17® Bladder Biomarker


URO17 is an innovative urinary biomarker used to provide valuable clinical data in the diagnosis and management of bladder cancer. URO17 has a 100% NPV (Net Present Value), which means it returns zero false-negatives and can be used to rule out bladder cancer without conducting further or unnecessary testing.

"Before working with TruCore, I would sometimes have questions regarding the reliability of results of more specialized testing such as cytology.


I trust the results I receive from TruCore, which minimizes unnecessary cost, inconvenience, and risk to patients."

Jason Greenhalgh, Urologist at Magic Valley Urology

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