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Improving Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Better Serve Patients

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Meet Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas,

a board-certified urologist with nearly two decades of experience. He is a founder of Urology Partners of North Texas (UPNT) and was one of the first physicians to perform robotic surgery after its introduction to the U.S. in 2002.


After the foundation of Urogy Partners of North Texas (UPNT), Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas and his partners decided to use TruCore for their pathology. For almost three years, Dr. Adam Cole (a TruCore Pathologist) has been the GU Pathologist for UPNT. In those three years, UPNT has seen higher quality diagnoses, faster turnaround times, and increased interdisciplinary collaboration with their pathologist.

Previous Pathology Problems

“We had this problem for a while where we would [perform a biopsy]…the pathologist would say this is a Gleason 8 prostate cancer…So we go do a prostatectomy, and the pathologist in the hospital would say Gleason 6 prostate cancer…This became such a problem that the in-house pathologists that were looking at our radical prostatectomies actually asked us for the copy of the original pathology…like a cheat sheet. It made me nervous.”

-Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas

The Solution

“We’ve been using Adam for close to three years now…Having a GU focused pathologist has made a big difference. Now, I have my go-to guy. You need your go-to guy.”

-Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas

Results with TruCore

  • Significantly Improved Turnaround Times
  • Improved Clinical Workflow
  • Increased Cancer Detection Rate
  • GU Specialized Pathologist
  • Easy Access to Pathologist for Increased Collaboration

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