Case Studies 


See how your pathologist and lab service can impact on your practice from an insiders perspective. Hear it from the doctors themselves, why and how working with TruCore made a different in the way they serve their patients.

“Why is TruCore worth it? [It’s] better pathology.” – Dr. Bevan-Thomas



View studies on the BxChip and its benefits in the lab that in turn result in time savings for the pathologist and clinician. Also see publications of our pathologists and the works they contribute to the education of future pathologists.

Requisition Forms


Sending us your specimens? TruCore works with PathNet as our laboratory services provider.

Access our laboratory’s requisition sheets here.

Patient Resources


TruCore provides free patient education resources in partnership with PathNet to help before, after, and during time of diagnosis. Check out the full patient education library.

Patient education resources can help reduce patient angst before biopsy and screening procedures by helping them prepare and know what to expect when they walk into clinic.

Additional Kits


Need more biopsy kits? Order more through your BxLink account or click on the link below to fill out the order supplies form.

Need other assistance?

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